Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh, the indignity!

This was our house the evening of Halloween! Its a first for us!

The kids actually fell asleep side by side in our bed alone. There was no fighting. No complaints of someone being too close or, heaven forbid, touching another person. There was no need for prayers or tucking in or anything. This was cake, pie, you name it.

I had to actually call Edward upstairs to see the sight. He too could not believe they were all sleeping in our bed. As you can see, Avery and Cullen are actually sleeping next too each other. Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records. This is a BIG one!

And it even gets better!

Here is a little closer look for you! Not only are Avery and Cullen sleeping next to each other peacefully, but there is so much reason for major upset to be happening had they been conscious.

I can not tell you the accusations that would have went flying. And yet here they are and Cullen has no idea of the indignity that Avery has thrust upon him.

Oh but it gets better!

Let me give you an even closer view. Its just too good!

When I showed Cullen the photo he smirks and said, "What are Connor and Avery doing?"

My reply, "That is you."

To which I got a rapid mouth movement from smirk to the biggest open mouth, "huh, what?!".

Oh my goodness was it priceless!

And that ladies and gentlemen is why Mommy ran and got the camera and took these pictures.

Cullen's look was more than worth it!

Oh the joy's of parenthood. They may be few and far between but they are priceless.

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