Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here are the kids right before we went out Trick or Treating.
The Notre Dame game was just about to start so Edward had to first torture us with setting up the VCR.

Cullen is dressed as Anakin Skywalker. I think the mask is rather freaky.
We have never let Cullen watch the end of the third Star Wars movie because it is so dark and violent. Anakin's transformation is pretty disillusioning. So he still romanticizes Anakin.
The "Lightsaver", as Cullen calls it, was a necessity for the costume. His grandmommy gave him $5.oo as part of his Halloween treat bag. He used the money to buy the weapon.

I don't think Avery had any real idea what she wanted to be though she tended towards any character that had royal blood. In the end she choice Cleopatra. Edward and I were so enthusiastic about it and we thought not many children would be dressed as her.
As you can see in the pictures there is not one pose she has chosen that is out of place for the Queen of Egypt. Not sure where she got her ideas but they are right on.

Connor chose a Transformer costume. It was his choice. He chose it fast. He is Optimus Prime, though I don't think he cares or knows who that is. But he will gladly tell anyone who asked, or doesn't ask that he is "going to be a TRANSformer." Stress on the "trans" part. As we were Trick or Treating his mask got in the way of him seeing steps, pot holes and sewer drains but he would not take it off. And though he got tired on those little legs he would not let anyone carry his candy. But carry him? Now that was ok.
This is Connor joking about trying to suck his thumb with the mask on.

Here is out action shot.
You might notice that Anakin 's trying to one shot Cleopatra.
Its funny how art imitates life.
Happy Halloween!

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