Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Blues Turned Pinkish

Click on the picture to see it larger.

The Boys were home from school today. Each at a different stage of a nasty cold. Every felt the worst this morning when she realized she was the only one actually going to school. I promised to pick her up at school so she would not have to ride the bus.

I believe once, just once I took the kids to Sonic on a Friday after school. Now, it seems, I have created slushy monsters who all but demand Sonic if its Friday and they are being picked up. It is exhausting to have to argue about why we are not going to Sonic. And though Avery got to sit in the front seat she was as miserable at the end of the day as she was at the beginning.

So I whipped out my digital camera to celebrate her misery. What else can a mother do? These are the pictures that resulted. They are randomly placed by my software program and are not in order of the way they were taken. She did not want me to take her picture at first. That is what started the covering her face thing but I am pretty good at bringing out the silly in Avery. She soon forgets her misery but no worries, she can sniff out unfairness in her world like a hound dog. Let's enjoy the smiles for a bit.