Saturday, August 7, 2010

So what can happen in a year? Part 1

Its been almost a year since I posted on my blog. What is my excuse? I have none. My life goes in fits and starts. I get caught up in one thing and my focus in there 100%.

Its not like the last year has been quiet and uneventful. Life has gone on. Things exciting things have happened and some thing have stayed agonizingly the same.

Home sweet home

This past year my focus has been on preparing to sell the house and maintaining some as-semblance of order as we wait for the one crazy, mixed up buyer who wants to make this house their home. With three children in the house, keeping order has not been easy. I attempted to sell one of the children to the gypsies so I could afford a new Kirby vacuum. Doc took offense and I financed it instead. But man this vacuum can do anything you want. It comes with an over abundance of attachments that spit, shine, polish and suck anything in their way. It even has an attachment you can use for a scalp massage. The suction is so strong I am sure I can vacuum fleas right off the dog... while he is getting his massage.

Amazing Kirby

But anyway, the house continues to be on the market... after more than a year. And other than the house needing to be kept in order... the lawns are also giving me fits. Or should I say, the riding lawn mower. I think it has broken down about 8 times since the Spring. We just got it on the trailer a few weeks ago. It spent 3 weeks at the service center and came home last week. I tried to mow the lawn yesterday and it began smoking again when I engaged the blade. I am ready to drive it into the bayou. And I would if I could make up a believable story to tell Doc... really, I would settle for half believable. Needless to say it is on its way back to the service center on Monday.


We adopted a wonderful dog from the Humane Society at our towns Earth Day celebration. in April. We named him Max. We lost him to liver failure only 2 weeks go. He was a wonderful dog and brought us all such joy. It is hard to explain the pain of grief at his death. He had a short life being only 3 and had spent the last 6 months before we adopted him in a kennel at the humane society. But his last months were a gift. He ran free on our six acres. It was so fun to see him racing through the pastures. He loved riding in the car and getting treats from the coffee place. Avery and he were best buddies when it came time to play. And he was my boy. And he is gone. He laid on my lap as he took his last breath and we buried by the barn. I still cry for him. The kid's think I am losing it. Today we went to the HSSM and picked out a new dog. He may not replace Max but he will fill the quietness that Max left behind.

The kids have all grown taller and are facing the next birthdays. Avery will be 7 on Wednesday. Cullen will be 9 (OMG) on the 20th and Connor, my baby (cough) will be 5 in November. Their vocabularies have expanded. Their attitudes have grown. Their peskiness has multiplied by leaps and bounds but the summer is over and now I am not the only one who has to stare them down without exposing the fear I have for their futures as normal children. I asked Avery how her day at school went on Friday. She replied, "Not good. My teacher is still being bossy." Good luck, Ms. Latil.

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