Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Dreadolutions

I have so many resolutions for the new year but I am quite sure I will fail miserable on them. Too many changes have to be made. Too many sacrifices to count. I need a focus. One thing might be doable but the resolution to change my whole life has to be let go. I don't like to speak my resolutions either because then everyone is watching to see if you keep it. At least that is what I think, anyway. Betsie, my niece, asked if I had a resolution ... my answer "Ummm yes... ahhhh no!" See how ambivalent I am?

So I have decided to list those things I know I can do. These are my resolutions for the new year. They require no change to my current behaviors or attitudes so I know I can succeed.

Here they are in no meaningful order:

  1. Scream at my kids
  2. Think a lot about cleaning the baseboards
  3. Eat chocolate
  4. Do less laundry than is necessary
  5. Keep the sink full of dishes
  6. Put up with my kid's guff
  7. Use the time out chair lots and lots
  8. Cook food my kid's won't eat
  9. Don't look under any beds for lost items or dust bunnies
  10. Send the kid's outside to fight
  11. Make my kid's go to bed on time
  12. Keep my bedroom floor clear of children's sleeping bags and bedding
  13. Vacuum only when necessary
  14. Give Doc a hard time for no reason whatsoever.
I think that is a great list. I am going to get started right now. Wonder where Doc is now?

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Elysa said...


And for what it's worth, I didn't make a single stinkin' resolution!