Monday, January 5, 2009

That Girl website revised

I am working on my new website. Here is the "Enter" page. I am working from a template which allows me to go in and change the text, colors and links. The main links are a lime green but when you mouse over they turn to the aqua color and give you some added text to describe where the link will take you. I love it. The colors even match my blog which makes me feel warm and toasty inside.

I am going to include my Paint Shop Pro tutorials, my blog headers and my digital scrapbook gallery in the site. I suspect it will get pretty large. I need hosting and to buy my domain name. For some reason the last company I worked with let it slide and someone bought it up. *sigh*

Getting back into HTML and CSS coding has been real fun. I can not wait to launch the site. I still have to build pages for each link on the "Enter" page. I want to figure out a way to use my blog avatar on the "Enter" page too. That will look so cute. This is an exciting way to spend my time.

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