Monday, December 29, 2008

Knitting at a fever pitch

OK, so I started a sweater for my mother in law over a year ago. It was suppose to be a Christmas gift for last year, I think. Or maybe it was a birthday present. Either way it didn't get done.

Now I do have my excuses but none that exonerate me for a year of knitting with no finished product.

Connor has twice taken the knitting off the needles and unraveled it. Twice I actually lost a needle. And a few times I just couldn't figure out the pattern and got long periods of knitters block. This usually was corrected when I got some knitting advice from my mother, who is a pro.

Now I am on the last leg of the pattern. Sleeves! I took the kids to the park this morning and brought along my knitting. Aaahhhhh missing needle. So I wasted two good hours of knitting time. I just found the missing needle on Doc's bedside table. So its time to pick up the knitting again.

My deadline is Thursday morning. I have to finish both sleeves, knit the button hole band on the right front, sew all the seams... back, two sides and two sleeves, knit the collar and place the 9 buttons. You can see the sweater coat pattern here. Its a pretty big project but I am almost done.

Next will be a sweater for Avery done is pink. Oh my eyes will be so excited after knitting oatmeal for the last year.


Elysa said...

But it's going to be SO PURTY!!!

Stephanie said...

I sure hope so.