Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The house is quiet... its Christmas Eve Day.

Doc just left, taking the kids out to lunch while I continue moving furniture that does not need to be moved, dusting things that haven't been dusted ever, (I am trying to not look up and see the dust on my ceiling fans), reallocating the decoratives and putting off pulling out the vacuum.

I hate cleaning in the South! Why, because no matter the temperature outside I can not help but drip with sweat which makes me very annoyed and irritable.

So its quiet in the house. The bathroom still needs cleaning and the vacuum is calling to me but I am instead sitting here at the computer with the fan blowing on me. Sweet bliss is this.

This year is the first time we will be having guest to our house for Christmas. I am excited and a bit nervous. My anxiety rose when the numbers kept rising. All the in-laws and one of Edward's co-workers are to sit at our table for Christmas dinner. I ran out first thing this morning and bought another turkey breast... just in case. And thank goodness I found my Ativan. My dentist prescribed it for my root canals. It is an anti-anxiety medication. If it doesn't put me right to sleep it should take the edge off and maybe even decrease the amount of sweating too.

As I was helping Avery straighten her room this morning I took it upon myself to reach under her dresser. And what to my wondering eye should appear but Cullen's Game Boy lost for almost half a year. My blood pressure rose clear out of sight as I realized his main Christmas gift was a replacement hidden under the tree. And Cullen said "Now what will Santa bring? He can not bring this too me!" Aaaahhhhhh! But I digress.

Besides the two turkey breasts, I am making asparagus with lemon sauce, squash and dressing casserole, a spinach salad with cranraisens, walnuts and feta cheese and a hot bread with butter. The dessert and appetizers are to be supplied by my two mother-in-laws.

So while I sit here cooling off, I feel like everything is under control. 26 hours before anyone arrives. I may be deluding myself though. Or the quiet has permeated my head and left me with a sense of peace that will soon dissolve with the opening of the front door.

Plan B: Ativan.

Happy Holidays!
May your Christmas be filled with the peace and love of a little baby born in a manger.

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