Friday, November 14, 2008

Me, A Soccer Mom!

After years of dreaming on Doc's part to have one of our boys play, heck, show any interest in football at all, his dream finally came true, kinda.

Tomorrow Avery starts soccer. We have been playing a bit in the front yard and Avery was fearless. She runs right for the ball no matter the bodies in the way. And Dad saw stars immediately and maybe a Notre Dame scholarship in her future. If the boys are not going to play football for Notre Dame then this is the next best thing.

So today I am taking her to the local sports store to buy cleats and shin guards. She also has to come in black shorts. I am a bit fearful of the uniform thing. Have I mentioned that Avery is very picky where her clothes are concerned. Socks and clothes with legs always give us problems. If they in any way touch her crotch or rub her toes the wrong way they are rejected for life. We actually had to quit ballet because she gave me such a hard time every week about the tights and leotard. So the chances are 50/50 that this will go well.

She was excited to hear that she had a game on Saturday and team pictures before. She has never played before so this should be interesting. There are 6 kids on the team and only one other girl who I understand has the same killer instincts as Avery. There seems to be only 2 other kids on the team who really want to play the ball. The other likes to dig in the dirt and do somersaults out in the field. And another who is very clingy to his mom, the coach. Just watching these little ones try to play soccer should be a hoot.

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