Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I AM falling apart...

I finally got to see my OB/GYN whom I love. I have know Dr. Milam since I was pregnant with Cullen. She delivered Cullen and Avery, though Avery really didn't need her there. She is my age and we had babies at the same time. Her daughter is also Avery. Anyway, when I saw her I bopped her ont he bottom with my book. I like her that way. She is fun.

Anyway, I stepped on the scale and didn't even ask my weight. When I was pregnant I use to dread standing on that scale but now what the heck. I know I am plump. Its a problem. Do I really need to know how fat? Then the nurse took my blood pressure and her face went a bit askew. "Is it high?" I asked. "Its a bit high." was her reply and she took it again. I could tell she was trying not to give anything away. I told her it had been high lately.

I was moved into an exam room and waited for Dr. Milam to come in. She asked me about my blood pressure and asked if I had been having any headaches. Well, dang how did she know. Headaches for days on end with nausea. And did I feel bloated. Hmmm how strange, the chiropractor was telling me that I was retaining fluid when I went to him last week to get my headache treated.

I have been suffering from headaches for a long time. The chiropractor diagnosed me with a degenerative disk disorder in my neck. Adjustment usually took care of it for long periods of time. Then they acted up again and we could not figure out why I was back in his office every two week or so with really bad migraines. But after a root canal the headaches went away completely for a few months. Headache free! It was wonderful. And then they started again. The chiropractor said that everything adjusted well when I went in to get them treated but they would not go away. Advil, tylenol... wouldn't even help. Only sleep.

And now we have the reason. My blood pressure was 188/110. And that was the better of the two. Dr. Milam put me on a diuretic to reduce the fluid in my body which from what doc tells me cause blood vlume to increase and shoots your blood pressure up. And I am suppose to take my bp at home three times a day to see what it is throughout the day. I borrowed a cuff from her office but unfortunately it is defective. I need to go back to her office and exchange it for one that does work today.

Blood was taken to assess my thyroid functioning , as well as kidney and other things that hiugh blood pressure can mess up. Dr. Milam says that once the blood pressure is treated I should start feeling much better. Which will be great because I have been feeling just crappy for the last few months. And as Doc say, losing weight will help so I am on that too. I sure don't want to damage my heart and kidney. A diet was something I was going to do "soon", "when I felt better", etc but soon is now. Its no longer a luxury but a "must".

I look forward to feeling better soon. I am not happy with the diagnoses but at least now I have an answer to why I have been feeling bad and can actually do something to change it.