Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yoga at the YMCA

I started going to the YMCA every morning since the kids started back to school. I take Yoga three days a week and then Pilates on the off days. I am really enjoying the time I spend there even if it is at 7:45 am. I have always wanted to do Yoga but have never had the chance. But our "Y" membership includes so many classes and now that the kids are in school I actually have a chance to exercise again.

I have back and neck problems which have been managed by a chiropractor for 6 years or so. He has been encouraging me to do Pilates or Yoga for years. Now I can see why. Regular yoga classes keep my body open which counter acts the stiffness and tension that comes from stress and anxiety which I am constantly battling.

My youngest spend a nice 45 minutes in the nursery at the "Y" while I do Yoga. I could never do it without their child care. I plan on adding a 20 minute cardio to my morning exercise and hope to see some weight loss in the coming weeks too. If I do lose some weight it will be the first time I have done it without the help of a program like Jenny Craig. I am hoping this time that I can tackle it on my own. Weight loss is an expensive business if you get pulled into the hype. Maybe if I do it on my own I can actually make changes that last a life time.

Here is a great site I found about all things Yoga.

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