Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Having a little bit of political fun...

over at The Uneducated Housewife's Guide to Politics.

Kelly has asked me to be a contributor to her political blog. What fun!

I am secretly political.. or maybe not so secretly. I do not like to debate and I hate to argue. But I do have an opinion. I especially have an opinion living down here in the deep south and being from the north. So what a great way to get into the conversation without having to defend myself or my perspective.

I beleive we are all a product of our upbringing... please don't ask me to get into the nature versus nurture discussion here. I am from Massachusetts. I am a Social Democrat. I would like to think of myself as an Independent. The idea of supporting someone based on their ideas and political values has great appeal. But if you asked me if I would vote for a Republican the answer would be, "No way!". But maybe, just maybe, if people started actually presenting themselves honestly and not just wearing a mask of their ideology that might just change.

Anyway, come on over to The Uneducated Housewife and be a part of the conversation too.

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Coffee Bean said...

I'm so glad you are joining in! I don't like confrontation... arguing... debating... but I do want to know what other "real people" think and why. I want my kids to know too. I love to find the common denominators in all of us.