Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin anyone?

This morning at The Uneducated Housewife we are talking about Sarah Palin's speech at the NRC last night. Here are my thoughts...

Well let's see... I thought she had presence, that is for sure. And I was really excited to see a woman up there with a growing family. Many would say she was not qualified because she was a mother. She has a beautiful family and should be proud. I was a bit surprised that she had a baby. Yikes, how can you become somebody in the political realm with a child less than a year old? I was just getting over the depression and trying to figure out how to juggle. I think it probably helps that she has older kids.

I think that McCain is hoping that having a woman in his VP slot will even out the balance of the historic circumstances Barak brings as the first African American on the ticket for president. But really I would be more apt to vote for the Republican ticket if Palin were running for President. As is, she will be the bulldog that gets to say the more nasty things about the competition while McCain keeps his hands clean. She could be better than that.

Mostly, as a tuned in and quickly out repeatedly to the convention I was struck by the meanness of it all. The Barak bashing was just appalling. (Again, I did not watch the Democratic convention much either so if McCain bashing was happening as much I would have been as annoyed.)

In terms of Palin's speech, it was entertaining and riveting but it carried little substance except for the manure continually slung at Obama.
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