Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We are back...

and the house is still standing. We did get water in the garage and basement room but that was expected. We lost our water pump to our well too. That was quite a cost to have fixed but the toilets are now flushing and we can all shower tonight. The water well guy suggested that we build up our well platform to the height of our front porch so we protect it from all but the worst flooding.

I have some cleaning up to do in the basement and garage. The things I did leave in there were floating around a bit. I am letting it dry out for now. The son's bedroom is now our storage room. I plan NOT to unpack it yet. I am gonna price stuff for the yard sale first. And Ike may have the potential for heading into the Gulf so we will just bide our time there.

Unfortunately, the other thing we are dealing with right now is my son's illness. He has a pneumonia and maybe the onset of asthma. He got a breathing treatment in the doctor's office for asthma which seemed to help his wheezing. So the doctor has put him on an inhaler for the next 10 days to see whether it is the pneumonia that has caused the lungs to take offense. He is home with double ear infections, a fever and coughing.

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