Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final post before evacuating

Just letting you all know that we are evacuating east to Florida on Sunday morning. We are hoping for the best but have planned for the worst. I suspect we will get water in the garage and basement room but we have spent the day emptying most of the contents. The riding mower and push mower have been trailered to Evelyn's neighbor's garage.

You can reach us on our cell phone. We will most likely be back Wednesday. Hopefully Hanna will head NE but no matter I think we are ready.

This time I have all our pictures, important papers and the kids birth certificates and SS card.

On an up note, I can finally get my car in the garage and removing the contents of the garage has got me in good shape for preparing for our September 18th yard sale.

And... The Sound of Music is on. A nice comfort on the night before an evacuation. Talk to you all soon.

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