Thursday, March 13, 2008

What to do with Avery

Doc and I have been talking alot lately about what Avery will do next year for school. Like Cullen she is an August baby and always one of the youngest in her class. With Cullen it was clear that though eh was eligible for Kindergarten, he was not ready. He was socially unsure, shy and anxious. So a half day kindergarten gave him the time to develop. Now he is in a full day Kindergarten at the local elementary school. He is one fo the oldest in his class and he walked in with alot of knowledge already under his belt which really helped his confidence.

But Avery is another animal. Still one of the youngest in her class, she is very social and outgoing. So it took a bit more thought to figure out where she should go to school next year. Doc and I spoke about it. He is concerned that if she starts elementary school now she will graduate high school when she is 17 which is pretty young to be leaving home for college. But I was concerned that she not be bored in school. She is all fire and ready for anything. Her brother will NOT ride the bus because of misguided fears based on TV scenerios he has seen on the bus. But Avery si ready to take that bus and says she will keep Cullen safe. We spoke to family, friends and a few of the teachers at her school. And we spoke to Avery too.

When I asked her if she wanted to go to big kid school with Cullen next year this was her answer.

"Sure. I am ready to rock."

See how she is... lol

After speaking with her primary teacher at the preschool we have decided to let her stay at her current school and enroll in the half day kindergarten. Her teacher says that is very social which is a strength but she is also very young and wants to play still. The class has been learning their letters. One each week. And though Avery does the work when assessed she can not tell you the letters that have been taught. She is writing her name and can tell you some letter sounds... but is is still a baby. She is smart as a whip and will be ready for big kid school soon enough.

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