Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Week and things are hoppin'

I resist coming to my blog sometimes because, really, what is happening in my life that might interest others. I sometimes have profound thoughts but never remember them when I am sitting in front of the monitor. Again today, I was going through my mental list of things happening in this house and I could come up with nothing... but with a little more thought I have a list.

Many of these things come with heavy emotions and prayers. Some for survival, for healing, for perseverance and others for gratitude and grace. You might be surprised how they partner up.

Here is the list:

  • Easter week observances
  • Visit Great Grandma Mac in rehab after cancer surgery
  • My mom moving to Maine at end of week
  • Spring Break for Cullen and Avery
  • Siamese kitten, Ming, in season and bellowing throughout the house
  • 5 year anniversary of the Iraq War
  • *Newly* poured cement walkways at our house
  • Larry and Betsie have their baby girl
  • Cullen lost his other front tooth
  • Tooth Fairie Visits
  • Easter
Just like the magic of an Easter morning sunset, I know that through faith and the power of Grace that all is well despite the trials and challenges some of these things hold.

And I got some bathrooms cleaned! So there is a triumph right there.


Elysa said...

WOO-HOO on clean bathrooms and DOUBLE a DOUBLE WOO-HOO for Larry and Betsie. I am so happy for them. Maybe I'll run into them sometime and can ooh and aah over that baby girl. If you talk to them, please pass on my "congratulations".


Elysa said...


BTW, we might be coming to Gautier/O.S. on Wednesday. I'd love to see y'all. :)

Coffee Bean said...

Hey! I'd be thrilled to have some clean bathrooms!