Friday, November 2, 2007

Is it alright to call someone a popcorn face?

My four year old daughter has been asking me very hard questions in the last few days. We have been reprimanding her for the use of words like "poopy" and "pee pee" which she seems to think she can interject anywhere in a sentence.

Avery is feisty. I always say this started at birth when she wouldn't wait for me to push her out. She just slid out on her own. They had me in the stirrups in the delivery room and asked me to push once before the doctor got there just to "see where we are at." haha. Well with one push Avery was right there. And so was her red hair. Already you get a glimpse of what is to come. After that they just told me not to breath til the doctor came. When she did arrive which wasn't to long after... she got robed (that might be only a church reference) and came to the end of the bed. She said, "Stephanie, are you pushing?" And I said "No." To which she replied, "Well, here she comes!" And it was over. She was here. She was beautiful having spent almost no time in the canal. My son looked like a boxer when he came out. We needed forceps to pry him out. And you know, to this day both of their birth stories fit perfectly with their personalities.

So, yeah, red haired, feisty girl is what I have on my hands. And she says "Mommy, you look like a cow." on the way home from preschool. I whipped my head around cause that was a little to close to the truth. Now , don't get me wrong, she could have easily said "Mommy you are beautiful.", "Mommy, I like your hair.", "Mommy I like your style." Yes, she has said this to me. But today it was "Mommy, you look like a cow."

I said "We never call people cows." She looked utterly surprised. "When you call people a cow you are saying they are fat, and smelly and dumb."

Avery - How bout ducks? Can I call someone a duck? Are they smelly?"

Mom - We do not call people names at all. It hurts their feelings.

Avery - Will God be mad?

Mom - No God is never mad. God loves us. And because God loves us we want to do good, right?

Avery - Yes. (pause) Does God get mad when Cullen cries at night?

Mom - No God doesn't get mad. He says "Its alright Cullen. I am here. You don't need to be afraid." OK let me get out here and move these trash barrels. I will be right back.

I get back in the car.

Cullen - Mommy goes God get mad when we tell on other people?

Mom - No God doesn't ever get mad. God loves us.

Cullen - Well that is what Avery said when she called me a pig while you were outside the car.

Mom - Avery, God doesn't get mad. But I do. We do not ever call people names. You got it?

And again today...

Avery - Is it ok to call someone a popcorn face?

Mom - No it is never ok to call people names.

Avery - Can I call myself a popcorn face?

Mom - You can call yourself whatever you like.

Avery - I'm a popcorn face.


Irritable Mother said...

"Avery, God doesn't get mad. But I do."
You crack me up!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh karen! You know me...
I am trying though.