Thursday, November 1, 2007

Curious George and the "Our Father"

I have to share this... its too funny!

Connor has been feeling sick and didn't get his morning nap. So after being woken in the car when we went to get Cullen from school he finally went down for his nap at 2:30pm.

While he was sleeping I decided to take a shower. Cullen was on my computer at PBS Kids playing Curious George and Avery was playing Barbie Pet rescue on Edward's computer. When I stepped out of the shower all I heard was children screaming. They were fighting at the computer. It appears that Avery wanted to sit at my computer and play Curious George. I explained that Curious George actually came on both computers. And then...

Connor started crying. Not a protest cry but an "I am sick and can not take it" cry. Most times he can get back to sleep but who knew. I told Avery if her brother didn't get back to sleep she could not play Curious George but would lose her computer privileges for the rest of the day. My exact words were, "You better pray Connor goes back to sleep or no more computer for you little missy."

I went into my room to towel dry... yes I was still dripping from the shower. I had been in a towel during the ruckus. I looked out my bedroom door and there was Avery with her hands together praying the Our Father outside Connors door... in a little whisper.

Very cute, but NOT cute enough for God who has his own sense of humor.

Avery lost computer privileges. =(


Elysa said...

I love it! What a hoot!!!! :D

Irritable Mother said...

I am so glad you said you thought this situation was funny. Otherwise, I would feel guilty for laughing so hard!!!

I read Psalm 22 this morning. Tomorrow I will start on meditating on verse one. Can't wait. I can tell this is going to be a good one!