Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I love a good giveaway!

In the last day I think I have entered three giveaways. I don't usually win stuff but my chances are less dismal if I enter multiple giveaways, right! Right?

My sister in law, Elysa, has a giveaway on her blog for some yummy Saint's Coffee at Musings from Graceland. She is very passionate about trying to help the orphans in Swaziland. She and her daughter are traveling there with a mission group in January to visit the orphanages and love on the little ones. People have rallied around her and my niece helping them raise money to go on the trip. Saint's Coffee is a business that donates much of their income to the orphans in Swaziland. In fact they say that 1 lb of coffee can feed 1 child for a month. So if you are a coffee drinker, your addiction can change the life of children across the world. Check it out. And enter the drawing for some free coffee on your way.

5MinutesforMom has started their Christmas Giveaway. There are multiple giveaways going on. the most exciting one is for a stroller called the Joovy Caboose Ultralite. I entered about 4 giveaways mostly geared for kids including a Spiderman 3 DVD, and adventure through My Bedbugs, and a coloring kit from Gymboree. Oh and the cutest little pink pedal car I have ever seen. All good stuff especially since the giveaways close on the 25th of November giving you good time to include them under the tree.

The Domestic Diva blog is offering a chance to win a baby sling. I know, why do I need a baby sling? Cause I am thinking positive. I want one more... just ONE more tiny little baby. Doc says he would consider it if we had $40,000 in the bank. I hope you are not drinking coffee while you read this cause that gasp would send you into a coughing fit. I will be beyond baby bearing years when we have $40,000 in the bank. But it is so sweet of him to think we can conceive in our 50s... the question is why would I want to. I know he can't be thinking we can save that much in 2-3 years. Now that is just craziness. So even if I am not sanctioned to get my IUD removed at my next annual, I can win a baby sling as a symbol of my readiness.

I have a banner post on the left for all these giveaways. Click on one to be taken directly to the contest sign up. Just remember to read the contest rules carefully. Most giveaways require a link back on your blog... like those banners to my left. =) But, hey, keep your cotton pickin' paws off my stroller!


Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Stephanie, you can have the stroller AND the sling. I am sooooo done with that! LOL
Yeah, and just for saying that, how much do you want to bet I end up pregnant sometime soon?
If He saw fit...I would have to trust. :)

Stephanie said...

haha. Not sure it works that way... maybe I should try some reverse psychology.... not on God, I think God would know but my psychiatrist husband would be clueless. =)