Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Pioneer Woman

Just a few days ago I was directed to a blog called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman from another blog. Please don't ask me which one cause who can back track that far. This blog is beautiful. Rhe, that is the PW's name takes wonderful photographs with her digital camera... a very expensive digital camera with exchangeable lenses. I went online to look at these camera, thinking I might take pictures like her. Well they are $900 so never mind that. But anyway, the blog is beautiful with its gorgeous photos and its great writing.

Yes, Rhe is a great writer. She tells a great story with funny, dry humor that I appreciate. And she lives a life that seems almost reminiscent of the old west but its real. Lots of cattle, horses and rodeos. oh and cowboys. REAL life cowboys. She refers to her husband as the Marlboro Man... jeez. And guess what, she cooks. She has another blog that is just for her cooking. She makes recipes and uses that dang digital camera to document every step. Can you say, green with envy!

So I have gone to her blog the last few days to read and look. And I look to see who is commenting and what they are saying. Do you know how many comments she gets on ONE blog entry. The one she posted today has 122! 122! So here is how that makes me feel. It makes me feel like she has too many readers. I mean once you have that many loyal readers and that many comments there really is no need for any more. I ponder whether I will go back and read it again. She doesn't need me to read it. I need to track down some blogs that are desperate for me to read them. I want to be one in a million NOT one of a million. But her writing... her photos... her recipes. Can I afford to pass them by?

Who will know if I sneak a look every once in a while. Just won't look at the number of comments. I can pretend that she is just as lonely and alone in the blogosphere as me. So I can have my cake and eat it too... or puree squash. Her recipe for that looks sooooo yummy. I have to go write it down.

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Natalie said...

I think that we all secretly wish that we had just a third of PW's daily readers, let alone a third of her commenters. A PW in the making is Raechelle at Country Doctor's Wife
Then there are Boo Mama and Big Mama as good reads too.

And me with my 13 daily readers - as site meter reports to me about every week.