Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween, do I have too? *smile*

Ok, I was gonna keep this deep dark secret to myself. But Heather from Desperately Seeking Sanity had to go and be all honest. So I am climbing on board the Truth Train. Since my kids can't read I will not be damaging them for life with my poor attitude though I am sure it comes out in other ways.

I do not like Halloween. I don't want to dress up. My kids ask me what I am going to be and I say, "a mean mommy", and I am only half joking. I really have good intentions about Halloween. I want the kids to have fun and make memories. I know I have some good memories of Halloween when I was a child. But as an adult I really could care less. Its only more work for this haggard mom but I persevere. I help the kids get their costumes together. This year we got them early so they would have a good selection. I tried to keep them put away so we would know where they were when the big night came... it was a couple of weeks raised awareness and nagging.

The kids had a lot of activities at school to make it more Halloweeny for them. We really didn't have any decorations up at our house cause no one comes out here. The kids kept saying we had to get ready for Halloween. I told them I was ready. And asked them what they thought needed to happen. Decorations! Cullen said decorations are the best part of Halloween. Man am I a downer mom or what. Well with that echoing in my head I went to the Dollar Store at the beginning of the week and spent $5 on decorations. And the kids were satisfied. Two banners on the patio doors and a witch and scarecrow on the windows over the kitchen table and I was golden.

It takes so little to please them. Yet I think of how much work its gonna take to make it perfect.

Well, as a luck would have it... being facetious here, I came down sick the day after Connor did. You know how disturbing it is to see a doll with its head popped off. Well I felt like that would be just the thing for my head. I knew that with me sick and Connor contagious Halloween was in trouble. Edward was on call which means we sometimes do not see him til late at night. It was all on me and I felt terrible.

We had plans to take the kids to their grandmommy's church to go to the Fall Festival there. But she had to work the registration desk and I did not want to mess up her plans. I called my friend Vikki and she agreed to take the kids with her family around their neighborhood. So all I would need to do is drop them off around 6pm. OK so I don't feel SO bad cause the kids will get Halloween. A couple of phone calls and I think I got it worked out.

Enter, Edward and Grandmommy. Edward thinks he might be home in time to get the kids to church. There are beds open at the hospital so he will not be called in to admit them somewhere else. And grandmommy think she can arrange to watch the kids and do her duty at the Fall Festival as well. Ugh. Don't you hate when your best laid plans are messed up. More phone calls.

In the end it worked out. The kids got their Halloween. I got to lounge in bed... doesn't that sound nice, with a throbbing face and ringing ears. And Edward got to stay home from the hospital all night. I think if he had the choice, he would have rather gone to the Fall Festival than back to work. So we all got what we wanted, kinda.

Except poor Connor didn't get to where his Batman costume. I gotta do something about that!

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

yeah... our decorations consist of 8 lighted ghosts in the flower bed that never has flowers in it, this really cool pumpkin that lights up and mists, and 4, no, 2 broke, so 2 votive holders.. all of which i picked up when they marked them down.

we had a big inflatable winnie the pooh... he was dressed as a bee and had a sign that said happy halloween, but he died last year...

and i hope you get to feeling better... :)

you're not alone, though... know that...