Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are you cute all over? "Yessh"

I just found a notice in Cullen's back pack from the Mississippi State Department of Health about Shigella and its spread within the county and others close by. Its an intestinal tract infection. I didn't know it but its in our house too.

Connor started feeling ill on Tuesday afternoon. By the night he had a high fever and it really appeared like he was going to throw up. He kept saying "tummy" to me. And of course, all he wanted was mommy. So dinner plans were put on hold and I snuggled with him in front of the tv. I gave him a couple forms of medication to bring his fever down but no luck.

By the morning he was cooler and running around with lots of energy. But his tummy was still bothering him. Then it happened. The diarrhea explosion. And boy does it wreak. I have kept him away from other kids, except my own. haha. And we continue to fight the diarrhea. Ugh!

He is not eating much. But he is drinking plenty. His diapers are always wet. So I am not worried about dehydration. And I know this will pass.

He just walked by me and I smelled it again!

Mommy - "Connor, come here and lets see if you have a poopy."

Connor - "Poopy"

Mommy - "Do you have a dirty diaper?"

Connor - "Diaper"

Mommy - "Oh yes, you are stinky."

Connor - "Stinky"

Mommy - "Shall we clean you up?"

Connor - "Up"

Mommy takes a long look at Connor...

Mommy - "Are you cute all over?"

Connor - "Yessh"

I don't mind diarrhea diapers with this cutey around.

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Elysa said...

You're a nicer mommy than I am. No matter HOW cute mine are, I STILL mind diarrhea!!! UGH!!!!!!