Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sandhill Crane Slide Show

I wanted to share a slide show link of Sandhill Cranes by Robert Grover. The photography is wonderful and the images captured will touch your heart. I was so touched by the images of the parents with their chick. They seem so dedicated to each other and their offspring. There was a peacefulness in the images that was refreshing to the soul.

The Sandhill Crane does not breed until it is two to seven years old. It can live up to the age of 20. Mated pairs stay together year round, and migrate south as a group with their offspring. The Sand Hill cranes in Mississippi are endangered. Many beaches and other land are protected in order to not disturb the breeding grounds of these birds. I am sure Katrina did not help the situation. A good part of the beach front in Gulfport was closed to people because of Sandhill Cranes. But I think the beach conditions which made it attractive to the cranes was destroyed by the storm.

Thanks to Michelle for posting this on her blog.

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