Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well ain't that the truth!

I went to My Yahoo to see if the feeds I have subscribed too were updated! Sadly they are not. I never use the My Yahoo page except since finding these podcasts that I want to follow. So I went to My Yahoo and it has all this content that i never chose. One is a daily horoscope. Today part of my horoscope said.
It's been a very long time since you fed your brain just for the sake of learning something. It would be good to get back in the habit.
As a kid I read my horoscope daily. I read books about astrological signs too. I actually found comfort in the knowledge in those books. It felt like they knew me. That there was justification for who I was in those books. But life happens and time passes. I found more truth in my spiritual beliefs. The knowledge of a loving God held more weight and promise. And it was through this lens that I understood my place in the world and who God wanted me to be. The knowledge that I was loved by God and that I could daily move towards becoming the person God wanted me to be was a more powerful motivator than reading horoscopes. Horoscopes could not define me but I could define myself through my belief in God and the actions that reflected that belief.

But there it was... my horoscope. I was curious. Let's see what this horoscope has to say. Its not that I think horoscopes are the devil. We all know that is our dog, dickens, as you will see if you read further. Anyway, there were a number of lines which I skimmed past but there was the last line. And I chuckled. Now if every Aquarius in the world has deprived themselves of reading as much as I have the last few years then we have quite a huge coincidence on our hands, now don't we? And I know that can not be true because my husband is also an Aquarius and is a veracious reader. But never the less this last sentence is very true for me.

Before I had kids I was in seminary. I read all the time for school, for leisure and for Sunday school. Three kids later and I am just in the last nine months or so picking up books and spending time reading. I love books. I have missed them. But for a time I could not find the peace of mind reading requires. What I mean by that is a mind settled, focused and can turn off the day. Seminary taught me to be reflective and analytical... so I switched my focus to parenting and to understanding my children's behaviors and characters. I bought tons of books to help me... but soon you learn to trust yourself. So the books have gone away and with trust comes a bit of peace.

Edward just came home from a late night at the clinic and brought in a UPS package. Well, really it was just the book because the dog, namely Dickens, tore apart the box. (That is right... he is full of the Dickens.) I am sure had Edward been later the book would have been gone too. But there was a book I had ordered off Amazon. It is one my sister-in-law, Elysa, has written about on her blog.

I think I am actually reading THREE books right now. I am shocked! Yup three! Through a Screen Darkly, The Power of Patience and now A Scandalous Freedom. (Elysa, I know you are smiling right now! You go right ahead and smile girl.) Maybe I am actually becoming human again.

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