Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My new website is launched!

I have upped the anti on my Paint Shop Pro addiction by launching a website for my tag tutorials.

It is called That Girl Designz.

If you are wondering "what is a "tag"? The image to the left is a tag. Tags are used for signatures on emails or forums on the internet. There is a huge community of taggers out there who "snag" them or make them by using tutorials that other people have written. There are people out there who make tags for others. And then there are people out there like me who write tutorials so that others can learn the techniques I use and get the same results.

Tracking down and completing tag tutorials was one of the ways I learned Paint Shop Pro. I still do tag tutorials. The funny thing is, I am not a tag user. I love to make them. But I don't use them in my email or in my yahoo groups.

I made this tag last night. The tutorial is written and only needs to be uploaded to my site.

The site itself was coded by Becky and Sonya at Pursue Your Passionz. Both are PSP tag tutorial writers, as well.

I am now a member of Tutorial Writers, Inc (TWI) And coincidentally. since becoming a member just today I have reconnected with my old friends Katrina and Vinnie who run the site. We PSP'd together a few years back and were in a news group together. After I got pregnant with Connor my PSP addiction waned and was replaced with baby addiction. Connor is now 2 years old. Its been close to three years since I have been in contact with them. Its a wonderful surprise.

I hope to expand my website to include my digital scrapbook designs. But right now they are non-existent.

I hope you will visit my site and see this thing that I am so passionate about.

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