Monday, October 22, 2007

Princess Makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The family is waiting for me to blog on our Disney trip. It seems so long ago though. We have been back a week and I just uploaded the pictures to the computer. I think there are still things in the car that need to come inside also. *sigh*

We did have loads of fun. The kids met all their favorite characters including Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, as well as Jessie and
Bullseye. We saw Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Stitch and Mickey. Avery met Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. She just chatted them up as if she was one of them. So we made it happen. She got the royal treatment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Downtown Disney. I got the whole thing on DVD.

We decided that she would never be as enamored with the princesses as she is at 4 years old. And really it was a treat for all of us. She got to put on makeup which she begs me for when I put some on which is not often. She got to pick out all the colors as well as the tiara and
barrette. I had my doubts about how they were gonna get her short hair up into a princess do but they did it. She truly was transformed. She walked regally and had her hands on her hips most of the time. She would say to anyone... "Excuse me... excuse me. I am a princess."

Avery got her makeover the afternoon after she met the princesses. She wanted desperately to go back and see them to show them her "glass" slipper and dress. She insisted on wearing her "glass" slippers to the park that evening even though they were killing her. We brought a change of shoes which she put on almost immediately. She did get distracted with all the sites and sounds, thank goodness. so we did not have to go back to see the princesses again. Surprisingly they were in the evening show at the castle. Avery was bemoaning the fact that they did not get to see her in all her
regalia. But I convinced her that Cinderella waved at her during the show and nodded at her appreciatively.

Edward approached an older lady in one of the shops on Main Street to make it even more memorable. She called "Princess Avery! Princess Avery... you are the most beautiful princess int he park tonight. Can I have your autograph?" And Avery looking a bit shy said yes and say down at a bistro table and scribbled an "A" and some other unknown characters. It took her quite some time to NOT write her name in fact.

By the end of the night Avery was itching to get the jewels out of her hair and in her sticky little paws. I think the makeover lasted about 5 hours before she was transformed back into a pumpkin... that may have been just about the same time Cinderella herself had. But the memories will last forever.


Elysa said...

Please tell Princess Avery that she looks very royal and that I would LOVE to have such an elegant and regal damsel also give ME an autograph!

Irritable Mother said...

She is precious, Stephanie!
I think it is so sweet that your husband had that lady ask for her autograph. No doubt she'll remember giving out her first autograph for a long time to come.