Friday, January 9, 2009

My new website entrance design

I use to have a website with a url Unfortunately, as an over site my hosting lapsed and my url got bought up. So I have gotten around to rectifying the situation. It requires that I buy an new url (internet address) which I have. Its called From the entry page above you will be able to get to my Paintshop Pro tutorials, my design blog, a gallery of my digital scrapbook layouts, my personal blog, as well as a way to email me.

I have other work to do before the site can be launched. My design blog needs to be over hauled.
And I need to do some html coding to link this home page to my gallery. But for the most part the site should ne up in the next couple days.


Elysa said...

Is THIS the one you are talking about on your facebook stat update? The one you say you "hate"?

Stephanie said...

yup, hate it. It going.

Elysa said...

I thought it was really cute, for what that's worth. So the new one must be going to be ultra fabulous!