Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I turned on the news briefly last night to hear that McCain made a concession speech. I did not hear the speech just that there was one. That is all I needed to know before I turned the television back off. This morning I saw the crowds of people who were celebrating in Grady Park and all over the world as well. There are not many things I know for sure in the world but I was pretty sure that McCain did not have a chance of winning the election from the back drop of the last 8 years of Republican/Bush administration.

I am so proud to have been apart of the process that elected Barak Obama. The first graders at Cullen's school all voted on Tuesday as well. The kids have been learning all about the election process and really engaging in the topic. Cullen came home to say that McCain won at school but he had voted for Obama. I told him that it would not be that way in the national election but that in Mississippi it was pretty sure that McCain would win. As the parents go, so go the children. Doc and I are split on our political leanings. But for some reason all the children were chanting Obama. Even Connor recognizes him on TV. And I have never spoken of my political choice to any of them. But I am not complaining. Doc accused me of brain washing them all. lol

What I am glad of is that my children can choose a man of African American descent and NOT make an issue of his skin. They did not look at him and say, "He is not me." or I like McCain more because "he looks more like me". I am not saying that the reason they DID like Obama is rational or even close to logical. They may have chosen him cause he was younger... or had a memorable name. I have no idea why they leaned one way or the other. Cullen said that he did not know anything about McCain which is why he chose Obama.

I was listening to a group of african american women having a conversation on NPR. They were talking about how with the election of Obama they could actually believe that anything was possible for them and for their children. One woman said that in earlier times, when she said that to her son, there was part of her that did not beleive it... that was not sure. But now she is sure. And I am sure too.

There has been a shift in our conciousness. A time for change and hope has come. Not only for the government of this country but for our society and future generations. How wonderful!

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