Friday, May 16, 2008


as I write this review the Ragamuffin Diva is closing her blog. Oh how miserable sad. I really enjoy Mair's writing. The first novel, as I said, was so fun to read. Never put it down hardly... and I am sure the second will be the same. I will long for more. But really if I had to choose... I would pick the gritty truth of Mair's blog to the fiction she writes, as good as it is.

Mair's spiritual struggles, her religious truths, her conversations with God and her readers was always thought provoking and sometimes heart breaking. But it was real. You knew her struggle... recognized it in yourself. It reflected the culture we live in. And now it is going away. The rawness, the grittiness, the challenge of it. I am truly sad. Because I will never know Mair through her books as richly as I know her through her blog and that is a shame. Not only for me, but for you too.


Coffee Bean said...

I had only just started reading her blog. I am sad too.

Elysa said... now I'm not only missing HER blog posts but your's, too! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start posting again, dear SIL!!!!

Coffee Bean said...

Where oh where art thou?!?! I hope all is well and you are just busy living a full life!

Hey, I am trying to get the word out about something and am having a little contest on my blog. Come check it out if you can!

Elysa said...

Adding my dittos to "Where oh where art thou"?

Missing your thoughts.


Nakia said...

TAG!! You're it! You've been tagged to do a meme! Go here to find out what it's all about.

Elysa said...

Mair is back!!!!

Now YOU'VE gotta start blogging again, too!!!!!

Miss you,

Elysa said...

Hey Girl!

Still missing your blogging but it sure was good seeing you and the crew over the 4th of July holidays. Thanks for letting the boys stay over at your house. They had a great time. And thanks for the beads! I'm going to get some small wooden beads that are going to go great with some of the ones you gave me.

Love you!