Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

When I was a child I had a favorite book about a little gray squirrel. Even though I had tried to keep it safe, over the years, somewhere long ago, it got lost to me. But I always remembered the story.

There was a little gray squirrel living high up in the tree tops. She had a lovely little open air house and she kept it very nice. One day a gang of hooligan red squirrels ransacked her house and drove her off. Not knowing what to do she took shelter in the attic of a house. There she found lots of cob webs and old toys. She settled down in an old doll house. She chased out the spiders and cleaned up the dust. She made friends with the red toy soldiers.

I told Doc of this book in passing one day as I was heading up the stairs and he was heading into his hobby room. I am not sure how it came up but it made me sad once again to realize that I would never see that book again. I could never remember its name.

On a related note, Doc had been mentioning how excited he was to give me my Mother's Day present and later how disappointed he was that it would not be here since it had to be special ordered. On and on he went at what a "perfect" Mother's Day present it was and how it pictured my using it on the day. I reassured him that it was not an issue for me. But it never ceased to be an issue for him.

This weekend we went away for an overnight trip to visit Doc's college friend, his wife and first child. (Did I mentioned how I long for another child?) We also had lunch with the Mac crew, Doc's sister and the seven "cousins". On the long drive home Doc and I were talking. I asked him to give me a hint of what this great present was that had yet to show up at our doorstep. Well... come to find out my wonderful husband actually tracked down this favorite childhood book. I was so happy. Thrilled really... and I hardly ever get thrilled.

The book is called Miss Suzy. It will arrive sooner or later. But just knowing the title and seeing the book's cover will hold me for quite a long time.

So I thank Doc from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me, knowing my heart and taking the time to find a lost childhood treasure for me. (XOXO)

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Elysa said...

This was also a favorite of mine growing up. In fact, I've had it on MY Amazon wishlist for YEARS now! For a while, I was able to check it out from the library to read to my kids, but alas, its been lost or stolen and now we can't even enjoy it that way. :(

Maybe one day I'll also find a copy waiting for me on my doorstep. :)

Til then, when my kids visit you, a reading of MISS SUZY will have to be on the agenda.