Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardis Gras and Lent

Mardi Gras is a big deal down here in the South. As a Northerner I don't get it. It is only one of the many things in the South I do not get. I ponder these things a bit, shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes or chuckle... it all depends on the specific oddity. But Mardi Gras is something I do not chuckle about.

Mardis Gras has origins dating back to the ancient Greece and Rome. But the Mardi Gras that is celebrated in modern day is basically a Catholic holiday which gives people the opportunity to go "wild" before the season of Lent. Fat Tuesday is the last day that wild over indulgence can be overlooked. With Ash Wednesday comes sobriety and sacrifice.

Okay, that is all fine and good, even if you think moderation in all things is a good practice. But this over indulgence allows a three day holiday for not only all schools but many businesses and anything associated with school. So my daughter has no ballet and Taekwondo is cancelled as well. My kids are out of school for three days. Why? Forget the fact that I like my quiet time. My kids are missing three days of school so they can attend a parade or two on Tuesday. Why is Monday cancelled? Why is Wednesday cancelled? You got me. Maybe for recooping after the overindulgence.

But beside all that, here is how we celebrated Mardi Gras. It started with stomach cramp, then a poopy diaper, and another and another and the stink that came along. Not the regular poopy diaper stink but horrendously appalling stink that you just can not believe comes from an innocent 2 year old. Then comes more crying and raw bottoms and denial of poopy diapers to avoid the cleaning up process that hurts the raw bottom. And this is just one kid.

It moved to mommy who has a hard time not cuddling and kissing her kids. And who maybe regretted those cuddles and kisses momentarily while hunched over moaning from vicious stomach cramps. And then it moved to the older boy who came down with a very high temperature and would not let mommy leave his vicinity. He even reproached his mommy for leaving the bedroom when he was sleeping.

And now its Ash Wednesday. Stomachs are still rumbling and rushing to the bathroom not yet a thing of the past. B ut the viciousness of yesterday have past. Lent has begun. We think about things to give up. I'd like to give up the following:

  • days off from school
  • stomach viruses
  • stinky smells of all kinds
  • dirty diapers
  • excessive time in the bathroom
  • reading on the commode
  • children sleeping on the floor in my bedroom
But what I will not give up this Lent is kissing and hugging my kids.


Elysa said...

I definitely think that those poopy diapers, etc. should be given up!

Praying that all of you will be completely well soon.


P.s. Hope you all like the African goodies I'm sending via Grandmommy. :)

Elysa said...

Just checking in on you guys and hoping that lack of new postings means that you're feeling so much better that you're out and about enjoying life far away from your bathrooms.