Friday, February 8, 2008

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too...

you would cry too if there was so much "poo".

Side note: The "poo" reference is for KellyJean. You rock girlfriend!

Yes, it is once again my birthday. I would have to do the math to know for sure how old I am. I am sure Doc could come up with the number though. He loves being younger. Let's just say that I am in my lower 40s and probably over 42. I think I remember that birthday.

My sister and I are 11 months apart. I just got an email from her wishing me a happy birthday and celebrating the fact that I am again older than her. For one month out of the year we are the same number age. In our childhood, she loved it. She would say... "Now I can beat you up." But in our latter years she finds it a detriment. I am not sure why... I look way younger than her. (*waves at Bridget*)

Moms get the short end of the stick when it comes to birthdays. At least that is my experience. Things have a tendency to get in the way and sacrifices have to be made. And since we moms tend to sacrifice things much of the time... its not too surprising when it happens on the one real day that should be for you. This year its stomach viruses, on call schedules and the most exciting... dinner at McDonalds with Grandmommy.

And really its fine. I have no energy for it all. I wanted a nice quiet dinner alone with my husband. But he is on call AND has a stomach virus. If he is feeling better, he will most likely be in the hospital emergency room. If he is not feeling better, I would rather not sit over a nice dinner with his stomach cramping mockingly across the table from me. So we have moved my birthday celebration to next weekend which is also Doc's birthday.

The stomach virus is happy. The administration at the VA are happy, as are the psychiatrically unstable individuals that need a hospital bed somewhere in the country since none are available here on the coast. And the kids are happy since McDonalds playground is mostly likely a sure thing in their immediate future.

So I really don't want to cry. I am happily ignorant of my true age. The kids are back in school for the first time in over a week. My mother, who did not mention my birthday this morning, is preparing to send me Ming Ming, the Siamese cat. Yes, I am getting my cat.

Happy Birthday to me.


Elysa said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I'm glad you're getting your cat. And I'm praying that despite the obvious detractions, that in surprising ways, today will indeed turn out to be a blessed celebration!!!!!

You are a gift to the world and to ME!

Happy Birthday SIS-IN-LOVE!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Hey Stephanie- Happy Belated birhtday! Hope it was nice and that this weekend will be a great one. I totally get the birthday thing. I'm December baby, so as a kid i often heard, "Here is your combination birthday/Christmas gift." Most grown ups don't so that, but now I share the month with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, so I often get forgotten. But my husband always, ALWAYS remebers, so I'm good!

Elysa said...

It is your sister-in-law again. Hoping for some updates! STOP PLAYING GAMES AND GIVE US THE GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!! Cause even your bad stuff is good reading!!!!

Love you,

P.s. So what are y'all doing for your bday? Anymore fancy bathrooms?