Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Viral Madness or Adventures in Regurgitations

What a nightmare! The last 12 hours have been unforgettable.

Cullen was sick last week with a virus that had him throwing up. He got him self to the toilet most of the time so no problem. I had some laundry to do from a surprise attack that left his bedding soiled but little did i know that this was nothing compared to what was ahead.

Last night at about 7:15pm Avery said her stomach hurt. She crawled into bed with me. I was watching a movie is peace. I rubbed her tummy til she fell asleep. About an hour later she woke complaining that her tummy really hurt. She started coughing... I quickly got her to the bathroom and she proceeded to throw up. I made her a pallet right near the bathroom and put a glass bowl near her head. About an hour later she threw up again... then "Hark, who calls me?" Connor crying for mummy... and his bedding is a mess as are his clothes. Now I had two kids throwing up alternately.

The 2 year old was useless as was Doc. I told Doc his response time needed to improve. He said he was fine just taking direction. Connor threw up a few times IN the toilet with my help.. but mostly ont he wood floor or a towel and once in his beloved Elmo shirt. Thank you Elmo! Well, needless to say the laundry continued to pile up no matter how quickly I responded.

By 2 in the morning here is how it played out:

8 pm Avery
9 pm Avery
9 pm Connor
9:30 pm Avery
10pm Connor
10:45 pm Connor
11:45 pm Avery
1:45am Avery

I missed one Connor in there somewhere but its become a blur.

Avery now has a fever and a very strange rash on her body. Connor has no fever and no rash.

Most of the night I just laid in bed waiting for the next round and thinking, ruminating, worrying about all that disgusting laundry that I had to face. It is so sad how weak my stomach is in the face of vomit. When I did sleep, I was soon awakened by Avery asking me when her stomach would stop hurting her.

I was so tired from such little sleep that I slept til almost 7am. Cullen needed to be at school by 7:25am. A quick shower and out we went to get him to school. I ran to the store to pick up the snack Cullen was suppose to have brought for today and went back to the school.

Oh so lucky that Doc has the day off today. He probably would rather be at work.

Now I face the laundry. It can not be avoided.

I walked into the bedroom where Doc was reading and announced,

"I am going to go do some laundry."

He looked up "Ok"

Me "Ummm no, I need more than that."

Doc perplexed... then "That is GREAT!... YOU go girl!"

I guess that will have to do.

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Elysa said...

Gotta love my brother!