Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All I want for Christmas

is a Siamese kitten with seven toes. That is all I want. Is that too much to ask? Really for all that i do around here... the vomit catcher, the laundry doer, the gas tanker filler, the mother in law sweater knitter... and that is only in the last 24 hours.

Just one little Siamese kitten to give me some solace in the face of losing Winnie.*violins playing* Winnie who I had for 12 years and had to put to sleep on the morning Avery was baptized. Winnie who I loved and who brought me great companionship and laughter for so many years.

Siamese are amazing. I had a seal point as a child. A gift from my mother who I promptly named Daphne after the Scooby Doo Daphne. Oh Daphne.. I still cry about seeing her get hit by a car. She was a wonderful cat. One I thought never to replace.

But then came Winnie.. another Siamese. My mother gave her to me also. She was about 3 when she came to live with me. What a personality she had. She was smart, exasperating and funny. She died of old age after her kidneys failed. I had to take her to be put to sleep. She was in such pain. Edward and I had her sleep in the bed with us the last evening of her life. She was so full of life. Her leaving left a huge whole in my heart. Very similar to when Daphne died.

I stumbled on a part Siamese cat at the humane society and promptly adopted her. We named her Sophie.. she is quite pretty but aloof. I have never had the relationship with her that I had with Daphne and Winnie.

And now my mother has rescued a 6 month old seal point with seven toes... she will send her to me on a flight from Boston but I have been told that cats are expensive and that we can not afford her. But what if she is THE cat. Siamese are expensive. This one is free. I will never have the money to go out and buy a Siamese no matter how badly I want one.

I can trade my new digital camera that I was going to get for the kitten I have been told.

I feel Scrooged. Am I being a big sad baby? Are cats expensive? I have had too many too count growing up and no one ever told my they could break the bank. Maybe I am economically ignorant of the whole cat money sapping theorem. Anybody got a thought?

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Elysa said...

I don't know about the cost aspects, but I hope you get your cat. I know how it is to want one thing so badly.

We've not been able to find our video camera since Travis' bday. We've already missed filming Laura's bday, Anna's bday, Thanksgiving, and Patrick's bday not to mention all the activities of the season this month. I've been faithfully recording bdays and holidays since just before Anna was born. If I miss this Christmas, its going to be very hard on me.:( They're only little once and Baby M will only be a 2 year old at Christmas once in her life. Getting teary eyed just thinking about it....