Monday, December 17, 2007

Carefree Cullen

I love this picture of Cullen! He looks so happy. I love to see him being silly and having fun. So much of the time he is anxious and worried about something... or should I say everything. Poor guy he got it from me.

This picture was taken as he came down the slide backwards. I love the angle and especially his smile. He does not like this picture. He is worried because he is not sitting up just right and smiling just so. But I love it cause he is being himself.

Here he is again... trying to steal a sip from my skinny raspberry latte! I caught him! Look at that face! He knew he was caught. And I love it. I quickly took this picture as proof for the coppers. He wanted me to delete it. haha

Cullen is way to big for the baby swings now. He has to use the big kid swings. But he still wants his mom to push him. Here he is mimicking his baby brother and sister who are also calling me for a push. He is pretending that he is useless. He likes to pretend that a lot. But I know otherwise.

He is a good big brother. He is a great helper to me. He is very sweet and sensitive. Don't get me wrong he is a boy... rowdy and loud a lot of the time. But when I need help he is there. If I am not feeling well he brings me water or a drawing of someone shooting someone! haha A mother's greatest treasure.

But the best gift I can get from him... his smile and a glimpse of him being him without worrying about what others might think. Now that is priceless.


Elysa said...

....or a "drawing of someone shooting somebody"...LOL! That's my brother's son alright!!!! ;D

After all, he taught my firstborn how to fall down as though dead when he pretended to shoot her with a machine gun...and she was only ONE! Not this first time mom's idea of a sweet game.

Stephanie said...

Funny he has never taught my kids that trick! ^_~

KellyJean said...

ooooooohhhh!!! You've been a busy little blogger bee! Lots and lots of posts and what a view!!! And what a hansome boy! And you changed your template again. I love it! I am glad it downloads faster too.

Very Nice!

Elysa said...

To your comment Stephanie:

Imagine that. Need a "rolling eyes" icon here.

And to Kelly:

Isn't he handsome? Runs in the family, you know. ;)

Good looks on both sides...especially where his female relatives are concerned. ;D