Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bayou Backyard

This is the view from my back deck on Fort Bayou. We have 6 acres that sit out on the bayou. We are surrounded by water. I never get tired of this view. It changes every day. I took this picture last week when the sky was overcast. I kept trying to get a picture when the sun would pop out from behind the clouds. But it happened to fast. The sun was gone before I could get outside. I love the reflection in the water. Who needs the sun!

Today the sun was non stop. I took this picture as the sun was low in the sky and casting a wonderful shadow. The pictures are almost identical yet they give such different moods. The elements do that, don't they? The light, the water... the same yet different.

I remember listening to the song Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt as a kid. Coming from Massachusetts I didn't quite understand what a bayou was really. But all the movies I saw made me think it was kinda dark and creepy with alligators and other dangerous things. It wasn't til I moved here that I realized what she was talking about... the blue bayou. Oh yes, after a good rain it gets really brown and muddy. After Katrina I knew intimately what makes up the bayou, mud, mud, mud. But I never blamed the bayou for the destruction. It went right back to its peaceful existence lending us hope as we rebuilt and every day since.

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