Thursday, December 20, 2007

Honoring Memories at Christmas

Kelly at Laughing Always Helps was posting some of her favorite things to decorate with at Christmas and it got me thinking...what are my favorite things at this time of year.

Doc and I got married in 2000 so we haven't had that long to create our own traditions. In fact, I think this year is the first time we will have Christmas dinner at our house. Usually I am flying home to Boston or we are celebrating with Doc's side of the family in Pensacola. Then we have another Christmas celebration at Doc's mom's house with The Cousins, as Cullen calls them during New Years weekend.

This year I thought since the kids have been sick we would stay home and protect everyone from the illness that rage in their bodies. But I am excited to make my own Christmas dinner without the pressure of visitors.

Being a mom who works hard to take care of 3 kids, I have my wish for a Christmas that is all me, me me! Kinda like a pay back... haha. But I fear that won't come til I am in a nursing home somewhere. But the ME Christmas is long gone. My focus now is to make memories for my kids. The one thing I take pleasure in is gathering up ornaments that signify this family's life together. Hallmark ornaments are my favorite. Sadly, I have not added to our collection the last 2 years. Maybe this year I will.

Here are a few of the ornaments that represent, for me, important parts of our history.

I bought this ornament in 2000. It represents the first Christmas Doc and I spent together. Its extra special cause he has red hair and I have dark hair. There is a string at the button of the ornament that you can pull and the 2 figures' lips meet.

I bought this ornament when we moved into our first home in Biloxi, Mississippi. We had been living with Doc's mom and stepfather for a few months before he started his first real life official doctoring job. Right after Cullen was born we moved onto the property owned by the hospital. In 2003 we bought our first home.

This is one of Cullen's first ornaments. Maybe it will mean more to him when he grows up. His favorite ornament is a Hallmark Bat Mobile Car. But I love this one. It reminds me of the wonder of a child first Christmas and the excitement they had even for the wrapping.

This ornament we bought at Bellingrath Gardens. We toured it during the Christmas season when Cullen just over a year old. Not only do I love the ruggedness of this Santa... like he's been traipsing in the snow.. I love the weight of this ornament. But what it really represent is the fact that I just found out I was pregnant with Avery. As we walked through the Gardens, I was excited not only for Cullen's first conscious Christmas but for the life growing inside me.

This ornament I bought to represent the miracle that Avery was in our lives. She was only 3 months old the year I bought this. But I had experienced 2 miscarriages before holding on tight to her in my womb and I felt there was an angel that kept her safe.

This ornament was originally Cullen's but Connor is a Buzz fanatic. It will always represent to me Connor's first crush.

There are many hand made ornaments on the tree made by the children. I am sure as time passes the hand made ornaments will continue the tradition of enriching our history.

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Elysa said...

I loved hearing your stories and look forward to having Cousin Christmas next week. Praying you guys all get well SOON and STAY well!!!!!