Saturday, December 22, 2007

Struffala Comes to Life

Here is my Struffala. I made it this afternoon. Its a very simple recipe and a nice change from the ultra sweet stuff that is everywhere during the holiday season. The balls of dough are fried quickly in vegetable oil and then when cooled turned in honey and sprinkled with colored sugar.

The Struffala I had as a kid was a little different in that the balls were smaller... alot smaller. They were probably a 1/4 of the size of these. But it takes a long time to rolls those dang balls and with the baking soda they puff up real quick in the oil. But they still taste yummy.

Disclaimer: I am not Pioneer Woman in my cooking or my photography.


Elysa said...

OOOOOOH....those look so GOOD!!!! I am SO PROUD of YOU!!!!!

(Said in a very high, sqealy voice!)


Betsie says she wants some next weekend. LOL! Should I just go ahead and tell her to dream on now? ;)

Stephanie said...

no no I was going to make it for our gathering!

Elysa said...

Oooh...she'll be SO glad to hear THAT news!

BTW, how are you feeling my sweet SIL?

Emily said...