Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Christmas Past... almost anyway!

Christmas was not what we expected or planned! We are still suffering here with illnesses. Vomiting, diarrhea and a type of pneumonia have slowly made their way through. We stayed home from a family gathering on Christmas day due to illness and my mother in law canceled her plans to be here on Christmas Eve after Connor starting throwing up AND having diarrhea again the night before. So we had a quiet Christmas Eve dinner of turkey breast, stuffing, summer squash, yeast rolls, a yummy salad and baked potatoes. I made fudge and pumpkin pies as well.

Christmas Day was quiet also. Cullen went with his grandmother to the family gathering at a cousin's house while the rest of us hunkered down. I cooked a 6 lb turkey breast and we had a lot of leftovers so I had a turkey sandwich for lunch and dinner. Doc stuck to spaghetti.

I got the first season DVD of The Closer. My very favorite TV show for over three years. Kyra Sedgewick stars and she is both compelling and hilarious. I must have watched 8 episodes yesterday between cleaning and feeding kids. If you have never seen this show I encourage you to watch it. Its on Monday nights on TNT. The need to get my hands on the second seasons and my birthday is coming up. How marvelous!

I gave all the kids hair trims this past week. On Christmas day, Avery got her hands on the scissors I used and hacked away at her hair. Merry Christmas Mommy! Her hair looked bad to begin with because she wants to grow it out and it just hangs straight as a rail. But now it had big hunks cut out of the bangs and sides. During a bought of diarrhea she ran to the bathroom and stopped at the doorway telling me she did not need my help... which is untrue. I walked in the room to find her beautiful hair in chunks on the floor. Mystery solved. I wanted to cry. I told her she needed a hat to wear before she left the house.

Today during a grocery store outing I took her to the Wal*Mart salon and had them cut it. I figured they couldn't do any more harm then was already done. Of course, Avery would not sit still and the hair stylist cut herself with the scissors. *sigh* I am not sure how many time Avery was told to "look down" or "look straight ahead" or "not move" but she is so head strong that it made not one difference. I finally had to get up and hold her head for the poor lady, who by the way was not in a very good mood or very personable.

*Side Note: I hate when you make an agreement to get a service done by someone and they make it so uncomfortable by the manner in which they interact. I am not sure she smiled once and all my small talk fell flat onto the floor. But she did cut her hand and I felt badly. She got more than a 50% tip for her troubles. End Side Note*

Secretly I am so happy to have had a reason to cut Avery's hair. I love her hair short and framing her face. This cut is not the greatest but its Wal*Mart hair salon. But its 100% better than what Avery did to it. My four year old has no future in being a hair stylist. She had an appointment to go to my stylist next week. I guess that is a no-go til it grows out a bit.

This morning Doc woke up vomiting his wonderful spaghetti. He was suppose to go back to work today. He has the chills and sweats alternately. His sick room is making me sick. He spent the night in the guess room and didn't get to the bathroom in time twice. Luckily he cleaned up after himself because my stomach is not strong enough. With the kids my maternal instinct overrides my nausea but not so with him. Poor guy. He moved back into our room after Avery and I got up. Now he has contaminated my room. I am not where I will be sleeping tonight. *sigh again*

We have family coming into town in two days. We celebrate Doc's sister, Elysa, and her 7 kids and hubby on New Years weekend every year. We are all praying that wellness descends otherwise we will be disinfecting gifts and shipping them over to my mother in laws house.

Ahhh Christmas is almost over... thank you!

Oh and btw, I DID NOT get my kitten! *big sigh*


KellyJean said...

Oh my... you sure have been going through it! I'll be praying all goes well and you get to hang out with the ever lovely and hilarious Elysa!

Elysa said...

Just checking in to see how doc, the adorable children, and my beautiful SIL are holding up? Any new sickies?

Stephanie said...

so far, so good! Doc went to work today.
See you tomorrow