Thursday, December 6, 2007

Answer me this...

why, oh why, am I finding urine in my bathroom that is nowhere near the toilet. There is urine on the baseboards to a foot left of the toilet and on the opposite wall from where the toilet is located.

So we have three full baths here. One in the main hallway. I call this hubby's bathroom but he shares it with guests. This bathroom gets amazingly dirty! I do not know how. But no one else notices but me. Isn' that surprising?

We have one bathroom downstairs that the children share. My son's room connects to it directly. Sometimes he locked the bathroom door to stop access to his room. This is mainly to keep his sister out but it drives me batty!

So, ok, three bathrooms. The one in the master in mine! All mine! It is the only one I have total control over. It stays cleans. There is toilet paper in there at all times. I actually have decorative towels that STAY on the towel racks. They are so pretty. Pray for the soul who pulls them down, gets them wet or musses them up in any way.

Well today as I was, pardon me, using the facility I realized that my sanctuary has been infiltrated. Slowly and methodically without my realizing it. Here is what I found:

Taking up residence in my nice corner shower are 2 dinosaurs, 2 rescue heroes, the Incredible Hulk and a big red lobster. Outside the shower are two wadded up little boys socks... and the clincher, pee on my base boards in the locations mentioned above.

You say it must be the 6 yr old alone but you would be wrong. Barbie is many different incarnations has wrestled with those dinosaurs she just gets removed for hair appointments. And my 4 year old has a tendency to stand up before she is quite done with her pottying so that might explain the pee across from the toilet.

But th real question is why do my children run the length of the house and climb a flight of stairs to use MY bathroom? Is nothing sacred anymore? Can I not have one clean, sanitary place just for me?

If I engage my brain... the answer is nope.

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