Monday, November 19, 2007

A Throw Away Post

NaBlaPoMo will not get the best of me... but I am tired. The day has been uneventful and quiet since the two oldest are at their grandmommy's for the night.

My kitchen sink finally was fixed. Don't ask me about the bill. He had to snake it twice and good thing for what I paid him. It was well worth it to have my dishwasher and sinks working again. Two of the pipes under the sink were toast from the acid stuff I poured down there. So there went some more money down the drain. He gave me a bottle of "stuff" that you put down your drains... it is bacteria or something that eats away at the sludge build up. yummy. So I can actually work in my kitchen and I am thrilled. And even more happy not to have to since there was no supper needed tonight.

I drove the two older kids to grandmommy's this afternoon and then had to bride Connor, the 2 year old with an ice cream cone to get him to leave. I got him the cone and then proceeded to drive down the highway. He started whimpering and slowly that increased to full blown crying and panic as his cone fell apart. He was holding the ice cream in his hand til I pulled over to clean him up. The ice cream ended up on the side of the road and we had screaming all the way home. Yes, the screaming I had been trying to avoid with the bribe.

I bought 2 webkinz on Ebay as Christmas presents for Cullen and Avery. I got Avery an Alley Cat and Cullen a black Lab. I had never heard of these before. But recently found out that they are little pets that have unique codes that allow the child to go on line and enter a world that is just for them and their pet. Since the kids have taken to playing online I thought these might be entertaining and educational.

Edward, Connor and I had a nice time hanging out on our bed playing. Its not often we get to play alone with Connor. We read books and wrestled a bit. I got some great pictures of Connor with his Elmo back pack on. I will post them tomorrow.

For now I must crawl into bed.

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