Friday, November 30, 2007

Tripping over the NaBloPoMo finish line

Phew its over! I made it too the end! Thank you very much. And I am glad cause I could never remember how to actually spell NaBloPoMo or what it actually stood for... the brain had to kick in every time. My brain doesn't like to kick in!

I thought in celebration I would list some of the things I actually followed through on and finished. Here goes:
  1. My 3 full term pregnancies. Each baby was born with all their fingers and toes and at a good weight. My last came early but he was done.
  2. Getting dressed this morning. I know I am fully dressed cause I got no strange looks while out and about today.
  3. I finished my small, skinny raspberry latte without a problem this morning. Its like gold since I went from the large to the small. =(
  4. I completed the 1 mile walk with the kids and Doc last night. The mile is not so hard. Its dragging the 3 kids along that is a challenge.
Ok that is about it. Can not think of anymore without my brain kicking in and I already told you how my brain likes it quiet around here.

I am going to clean the kitchen from start to finish this morning. AND clean out the refrigerator. I hope to finish that as long as the mold spores and noxious fumes don't get me first.


KellyJean said...

You need a Diet Rockstar. And Neil Diamond. And Abba. It works.

Stephanie said...

Ok this could be in code KellyJean cause I have no idea what you are talking about! lol

Irritable Mother said...

Yeah, it is generally easier when you don't need to engage your brain! LOL
(Bet you don't know I had brain surgery several years ago - had a bit removed. So I get a kick out of brain jokes now! *grin*)
Congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo. And the mile with the kids.
Love ya!