Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nougatocity or Marketing 101

I was eating a Snickers bar last night and noticed inside the wrapper was some printed words. I was intrigued but way more interested in my Snickers bar. I know you understand. I thought maybe it was a contest of some sort... you know the kind where you have to go online and enter some code. I hate those. Any marketer reading this blog entry should take note. I H-A-T-E those type of contest and will not participate. Why do they make us work so hard to see the words... "sorry, maybe next time"?

So anyway, the wrapper was sitting in front of me on the desk and again I caught a glimpse of writing inside. So curiosity get the best of me. Here is what I found in bold print.

Nougatocity \nu-gat-a-si-tE\ (noun)
A heightened yet fleeting state of accomplishment
that makes you realize how unbelievably
unmotivated you normally are

Of all the audacity! Why are those marketers treating me with such disdain? Is it not their job to make me feel beautiful, sexy and successful IF I eat one of their wonderfully delicious candy bars? Did I not meet my end of the bargain. Come on fellas, I don't want reality shoved in my face. I know you went to school for this stuff. The glue that holds this country together and makes it great is made up of this sludge. Get it right or I am gonna start eating a candy bar that does a better job at giving me what I truly need... caramel, nugget and a pack of lies.


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KellyJean said...

Oh my gosh... you are hilarious!!! Makes me want to go get a snickers to see what mine would say. I could eat the snickers too. That sounds like a plan to me!