Friday, November 23, 2007

Connor's love affair with all things "choo choo"

My son Connor is going through his "train" phase. All my kids did. They have gotten to obsessed with trains that our life revolves around whether there is a train coming or going and "chasing" it down. We live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and there is a rail line going right through our town. It basically cuts it in half. So we are constantly crossing the tracks, hearing trains and or stopping for them. This is the "jackpot" in eyes of my 2 year old. I admit, if I am not late for an appointment I will make it a point to sit at the tracks for the length of a train. They are coming of the long bayou bridge so when they hit land they are going slow. Sometimes getting stuck at a train crossing can be an all day event.

Connor is great at hearing the trains while they are way far down the line. He will look at me and say "choo choo" over and over and then "come on Mommy" as if we can someway meet it along its journey east or west. "Come on Mommy!" A trip to Wal*Mart with all the Thomas stuff takes about as long as a train crossing. And its too expensive to just "pick up" a piece. But luckily Connor had his 2 year old birthday only a few weeks ago. He got a wonderful ride on Thomas train which he loves! And now all three kids have a vehicle to ride around in circles on, chasing each other and basically driving me insane with the noise and mayhem.

When my oldest son was young, he too went through the "train" stage. We have Thomas the Tank Engine VHS from when he was smaller. Connor so wants to watch it. He carries the box around and asks me over and over. But for some reason the tape will not play in our machine. It will not rewind but rather shuts the machine off and gets spit out. So I am calling it a total loss. It must be thrown out... the tape that is. The box is worth its weight in gold by a little boys standard. The box may not replace actually meeting Thomas in person but it will have to do. Because to meet Thomas close up would put my son into the category of one of the luckiest kids in the world BUT I can also envision the screaming and crying that would happen when it was time to say goodbye. A box he will have forever!

Luckily Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is having week of DVD giveaways and Thomas is up for grabs. I am so putting in for this one. Maybe it will give me some peace and quiet around here for the 25 minutes it runs! Ooo what fun!

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Irritable Mother said...

My seven-year-old has been stuck in a SpiderMan phase for several years. I had no idea it would last this long! Maybe there's some way you can reinforce that box to improve its durability??!!