Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Digital Scrapbook Page

Today was a beautiful day here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I spent a good part of the day working around our barn. Not that we have any animals. But its over grown and limbs have fallen all over. Its right by our front gate to I wanted to tidy it up and mow the grass down. Its quite a job since it hasn't been mowed in over a year.

We have 6 acres of lands and when we looked at the property initially the whole thing was cut. I said to Edward, can we really keep up with this? Well, the previous owners has two horses who really did all the work. We have chosen to let the pastures grow up. We cut along the drive way to keep it looking somewhat manicured and then we cut near the house, front and back and along the bayou which takes a good bit of time.

But now that the weather is turned cool I am up for a bit of a challenge. Spring and Fall down here are my time to work in the yard. My body can not tolerate the heat in summer. Any work outside makes for a migraine. But as I said, today was a beautiful day. I could have stayed inside and cleaned. The house is always in need of my loving hands. (haha) But I went outside and the kids followed.

They were climbing on the fence. I took come great pictures of them with the house in the background. This one is of Avery. Dang but she takes a good picture. It never fails. I titled it "Fall for Avery" because though she can be quite a hand full once she puts that cute little face on I can't help but fall in love with her all over again.

The kit I used is called MINT JULEPS & ROSY TEA collaborative contribution by Jennifer Layden of Jennilyn Designs. I bought the kit at today. Today was National Scrapbooking Day or something. I can not remember. But there were an awful lot of digital scrapbook stores having sales. Good sales! I love the colors in this kit. It was perfect for Avery. I am going to scrap Cullen's picture next.


Modern Princess said...

This scrapbook page and the one above it (dated Nov 4, I think?) are so beautiful! As a traditional scrapbooker/admirer of digital scrapping I am in awe of your talents! Nice!

Stephanie said...

thanks so much for stopping by and saying such nice things about my pages. I haven't been scrapping lately. These two pages are my first attempts in a while. Instead I use my scrap papers and elements to make blog headers. But how many of them do you need. Haha. So I figure if i am gonna have a creative outlet I better get back to scrapping.