Saturday, November 10, 2007

Disasters Abound

I love my blog, I really do. It gives me a sense of order in my chaotic life. But today I can not even get excited about blogging. I just want to sleep. I look around this house and there is so much to do. Its overwhelms me and makes me feel very inadequate to not be able to keep up.

I did manage to get the children's bathroom scrubbed this morning. That was pretty gross. Unsupervised children are pigs. But there is one room in this house that is cleaner than the others.

Maybe if I make a list I can at least declutter my head.
Here is what is filling me head. As I said these are neglected things... way past needing to be done:

  1. Laundry, laundry laundry... tons of laundry
  2. Floors need sweeping, vacuuming and washing
  3. Baseboards are full of dust and dirt
  4. Kitchen sink keeps backing up - clean out pipes or call plumber?
  5. Make guess room bed that got dismantled when cranberry juice was spilled all over our bed
  6. Put away Little Green Machine that cleaned up cranberry juice from our comforter
  7. Put away folded clothes
  8. Laundry, laundry, laundry
  9. Give youngest child a bath
  10. Clean up children's toys all over the floors
  11. Folding door fell off computer closet door frame - wood putty hole in door
  12. Sweep dog poop off front porch
  13. Hang blinds in hobby room
  14. Clean up both computer desks
  15. Clean pantry floor
  16. Clean toys and dust out from under beds, sofas, dressers
  17. Empty car of junk and get it detailed
  18. Clean up trash around the yard
  19. Wash floor in storage room where kitty litter has gotten attached to floor
  20. Laundry and more laundry
And to top it off, I was cleaning up the floor in my children's just cleaned bathroom. My daughter can not take a bath without creating a huge puddle. So I was moving some shelves to clean up underneath them and the pottery on top came crashing down and made a huge hole in my brand new pedestal sink. I have no idea how to fix something like this or even if it can be fixed. And I can only be mad at myself for being so lazy. I should have moved that piece of pottery. But really who knew you could actually blow a hole into a sink.

And from every thing I have read on the internet this sink will have to be discarded. Its brand new as it was a replacement from the Katrina destruction. The idea of having to track down a plumber who will come and replace my sink is so nauseating to me. But I guess he could look at the kitchen sink as well. Two birds with one stone... why don't I just feel uplifted by the idea?

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