Monday, November 5, 2007

Flying Tiger scrapbook page

Back in September all the kindergarten classes at Cullen's school were studying transportation. Each family was challenged to do a project for this unit. The challenge was to make some form of transportation from a cardboard box. I posted some pictures of him after we finished making the Flying Tiger.

This is the scrapbook page I just completed of those pictures. I used card board and tape elements because that is what held the plane together. Paint was also used during the project. I had Cullen into my graphics program and he actually painted the red and green on the corner cardboard piece.

The "artists rendering" was actually a picture Edward drew with Cullen when they were imagining what the plane would look like. It took two long nights to complete this project. Cullen was in bed 3 hours before we quit each night. Edward and Cullen were quite proud of the results.

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Elysa said...

Love it! Tell Cullen I said he did a great job with the "paints". :)