Monday, November 5, 2007

Belinda I love you!

I just sapped away 2 hours at Wal*Mart... I have no idea where the time went but since the time change I feel caught in a warp that slows and speeds up without warning. 2 hours gone and now I am sitting here reading blogs. Wasting time again? Well if I am, I don't care.

I have been visiting Belinda's Blog at Ninja Poodles. She cracks me up! Today she is writing about what music is on her iPod. Ok I do not have an iPod... never will I suspect but she had me hooked for most of it. But the best part was a a link to another post about a XMKids radio program that she dislikes... that maybe too watered down a word, but I digress. It seems hate mail abounds in response to Absolutely Mindy Show haters- UNITE post. She deleted a few anonymous comments so she is having a one sided conversation in response to comments previously posted. And her final words slay me "This is my website and I have more rights here than you do." Right on, girl!

Now XMRadio, don't have that either. Its on my wish list. Right now I suffer through Little People CDs which my daughter insists on. My mother bought them for the kids last summer when I took them home to Boston to visit. Laurie Berkener from Noggin has some cute songs... I really thought I had found a hip musician for my kids to listen too but none of her songs seem as hip and cool at XMKids radio. So off I went to sign up for a free trial online to hear what I am missing. (Haha, Absolutely Mindy Show is highlighted on the lineup. But I know better.. stay away!) And since they started messing with Laurie's hair and "jiving" up her videos I have been a bit disappointed in what appears to be her "selling out". Noggin always seems a little "alternative" to me in terms of children's programming but I am in the process of rethinking that. Luckily we changed from Direct TV back to Cable and Noggin is gone... almost every thing is gone but who cares. Now I just miss XMKid radio and I never had it. Nor does it seem I will anytime soon. *sigh*

30 minute wait to get a email verification due to Internet traffic, what the heck? Is satellite radio just not up to the minute with their Internet software. I usually get my verification emails almost instantly. What is this about? They must be too busy up in the atmosphere.

Karen from Surviving Motherhood recommended a great online radio service I had never heard of called Pandora.
Its fun. The only draw back is for users like me who are music illiterate. I love a few artists like... Patty Griffin, Lori McKenna, The Indigo Girls (during a time) but mixing and matching up music is not something I do well. It takes time I do not want to use in that way. And I forget to turn music on anyway. I love quiet. Don't get enough of it really with three kids running around and a husband who either hears nothing or is in sighting the riotous behavior which surrounds me. I can not think clearly as it is. Filtering out music would just send me over the edge I am sure. But I love the idea of Pandora and maybe you will enjoy it.

Ok I can not wait for any longer for this verification email. Jeez... I have to get off and be productive. The life transforming experience I was expecting will have to be put off. Its back to ho hum and laundry.

2 hours later and still no verification. humph.. I think Satellite radio maybe elitist.

Will check back later.

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Belinda said...

Too funny--I just now saw this. Did you get it going? The radio in my car just stays on XMKids all the time (except during Mindy), while Alex listens to different stuff. Starting today, they have several different channels of Christmas music through the end of the year, which is kinda neat.

But now Sirius is coming out with those little bitty MP3 player-radio thingies. Hmmmmmmmm.