Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toying with Digital Scrapbook Designing

I am toying with the idea of digital scrapbook designing. This is different from designing a page or pages with a scrapbook kit. I am beginning the process of learning to make the kits themselves. It will involve making the papers, fasteners, embellishments, alphas, etc. I would then try and market it to scrapbookers. Maybe someday I will be good enough to make a business on the side. haha. Edward is always saying... "When you go back to work..." Maybe this will do if I get good enough.

I have put a link to my new blog. I am calling it That Girl Designz. I plan on using the blog to document what I am learning and some of the results. I recently bought some scripts by Haley64 on the Scrapbook Bytes website. Haley's blog is called A Lovely Mess and there is a permanent link to it on the left. She has some wonderful tutorials posted there as well as some of her designs. She probably doesn't remember me but she helped me out a few months ago when I was posting on the forums at Scrapbook Bytes. I really appreciated her graciousness and generosity of spirit. I visit her blog a lot. I was happy to find all these wonderful scripts that she had made. I have not been very successful at find "How to" tutorials in making digital scrapbook elements until i found her site and the links she shares there. Her scripts are helping me figure out how to make grunge and striped papers. I will share with you some of my first efforts tomorrow.

I am off to bed. My husband and I have been working the last two nights on a family project for Cullen's kindergarten class. I have had paint under my fingers on and off all day. And some glue as well. The kindergartner are having a transportation race tomorrow. The kids had to make a car or such from a cardboard box. Edward went all out with camo design and scary face painted on the front. Its taken some time but it is sooo cool. Pictures tomorrow.

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Elysa said...

Please send pix of Cullen and his "flying tiger". Mom told me about it as well and I'd love to see him and his parade of other modes of transportation. :)